We have been involved in a number of projects to research and record local history items.

Some of the Society’s projects can be read in the Local History Room at the Burnside Library.

1. Video about the history of Wheal Watkins Heritage Mine

Wheal Watkins was part of Australia’s first metalliferous mining area. The area was worked in the 1840s and was the forerunner to the mining industry based on copper in SA. It transformed the economy of South Australia from depression to rapid growth and prosperity. The recently produced video of the Wheal Watkins Mine has been […]

5. Burnside Street Names and their Origins

As a contribution to the State’s Jubilee Celebrations in 1986, 23 members of the Burnside Historical Society researched the origins and meanings of the six hundred street names in the Burnside Council area. This major task was completed in 1989. Unfortunately the origin of a number of streets eluded the researchers and had to be […]

6. Installation of new plaques

An ongoing project to identify locations that are worthy of having a new plaque installed to provide a description of a building or site of historic interest. The building may or may not still be standing. After research, the wording for the plaque is established and a plaque installed in co-operation with the Burnside Council. […]

7. Suburb Names in Burnside

This project researched and recorded the origin of the suburb names in the City of Burnside. The document can be viewed in the Local History Room or downloaded here. Document updated April 2020. Please get in touch with us to advise the Society of any significant omissions, corrections and additional information in Suburb Names in […]

8. Oral History

Memory Chains – Living-Working-Playing in the City of Burnside (2012-2017) Interviews (Stage 1 1945 – 65) (Stage 2 1960-1980) This project looked at the post-war era and beyond. The objective for conducting these interviews was to capture the recollections of older residents. The project aimed to strengthen community, enrich the lives of those participants in […]

9. Survey of Plaques in the City of Burnside

This project is to research and record the plaques that can be found in the parks, gardens and along the roadsides of Burnside. For each plaque there is a photo of the streetscape and the detail of the wording. It is an ongoing project and the resulting publication will be updated from time to time. […]

Proposed Projects

1. Heritage Trees Survey

The City of Burnside is characterised by its fine trees, many of them large remnant native gums. Others are exotics, introduced species planted in Burnside’s expansive gardens of the mid to late nineteenth century. All contribute to the image of Burnside suburbs being leafy and green. In recognition of this, the Burnside Council has proposed […]

2. Interpretive Signage, Brock Reserve

Beaumont House at the southern end of Glynburn Road is now the State Headquarters of the National Trust of South Australia, but its last private owner was the Brock family, a name commemorated by the nearby Brock Reserve on Dashwood Road. Among other things, the Brock family is notable for its connections with the early […]