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This record includes all the talks given at meetings by guest speakers since our foundation in 1980. Most meetings since 1985 have been recorded. The type of recording is marked on the records below.

Recordings are available for research purposes in the Local History Room, but not for loan. Use of any such material is protected by the copyright of the speaker and the Burnside Historical Society, and may not be used without permission from both parties.

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Food Glorious Food at Rose Park Primary School and its local community from 1893

Presented by Dr Kerrie Davies

Our meeting on 20 May will be part of the Burnside Historical Society’s contribution to SA’s May History Festival. Dr… Read More


AGM and Remembering significant Australian Aviators especially Rose Park resident John Downing

Presented by Gary Petts

The AGM of the Burnside Historical Society which will follow the speaker. The meeting on Monday 15 April will be… Read More


A web of stories from South Australia’s Institutes: from Adelaide to Yongala via Campbelltown and Magill

Presented by Joelie Hancock

Joelie Hancock will speak on the topic “A web of stories from South Australia’s Institutes: from Adelaide to Yongala via… Read More


The extraordinary life of Sir Hubert Wilkins

Presented by Carolyn Spooner

Our first monthly meeting for 2024 will be held on Monday 19 February when Carolyn Spooner is our speaker with… Read More


The story of Chiverton – Past and Present

Presented by Anne Daniell, Archivist at St Peter’s Girls’ School and Dr Geoffrey Bishop, local historian

Our speakers will cover the story of Chiverton from 1880 when it was built as a grand two-storey bluestone family… Read More


William Wyatt Protector of Aborigines and the Wyatt family connection with Burnside

Presented by Anne McCutcheon (Governor of the Wyatt Foundation)

Dr William Wyatt – Protector of Aborigines in the Colony (1837-1839), apothecary Surgeon, medical administrator, JP, land dealer, property developer,… Read More


The State Horse Drawn Collection, a hidden gem

Presented by Peter Foster OAM, Heritage Carriages

The Millicent National Trust Museum, formed in 1965, houses what is regarded as Australia’s finest horse-drawn vehicle (HDV) collection –… Read More


The Life of Henry Ayers and an update on Ayers House

Presented by Grant Morgan

Grant will speak on the “Life of Sir Henry Ayers” who was the dominant figure in South Australia in the… Read More


Telling tales about school: a look at early schooling in South Australia, highlighting a number of eastern suburbs schools, teachers, buildings and records

Presented by Alison Hicks

From earliest colonial days education was important to those settling in South Australia. Alison’s talk will explore the first school… Read More


Fashion over a century: 1820-1920

Presented by Victoriana Society of South Australia

Read More


The Secrets of Dulwich – A SA History Festival Event

Presented by Polly Dundon

Presented by Polly Dundon, author of ‘Secrets of Dulwich and its nearby surroundings’ Read More


The Adelaide Regiment of Volunteer Rifles 1860 – 1865, with a focus on the rifle companies associated with the Burnside area (and AGM of the Burnside Historical Society)

Presented by Dr Nic Grguric

Read More


Early Relations between the Tarndanya (people of the Adelaide Plain) and the European colonists 1836-40

Presented by Dr Skye Krichauff

View the information flyer. Read More


The Overland Telegraph – Open for Business

Presented by Richard Venus

150 years ago, this week (21 October 1872), communication in Australia changed forever – after two years of challenges, struggles,… Read More


Deferred – Early Relations between the Tandanya (people of Adelaide Plains) and European Colonists, 1836 – 1840

Presented by Skye Krichauff - This lecture has been deferred due to the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II

The Adelaide district is remarkable for the positive relations that existed between the colonists and the local Aboriginal people during… Read More


The extraordinary life of Sir Hubert Wilkins

Presented by Carolyn Spooner

Read More


Discovering Laura Gee: An early South Australian watercolourist and Burnside resident, with examples of her work from private and public collections

Presented by Judy Fander

Born in 1860 Annie Laura Vernon Herford was the wife of Lionel Gee, a senior public servant in the Department… Read More


The extraordinary Clarks of Hazelwood Park

Presented by Carolyn Spooner

This is the Annual General Meeting This is also Easter Monday   Read More


Seymour College’s Centenary

Presented by Dr Geoffrey Bishop

This is one of Adelaide’s oldest Colleges founded in February 1922 at the Crossing family home ‘Wotton Lea’ on Portrush… Read More


The History of heritage listing or not in Burnside

Presented by Sandy Wilkinson

Sandy will give examples of how even the most spoilt buildings can be reconstructed and saved. Historic Buildings in Burnside… Read More


Burnside’s War Memorial and the Virtual National War Memorial

Presented by Colonial Steven Larkins OAM

History Month Activity Read More


The people in Charles Hill’s Painting of Proclamation Day, Glenelg 1836

Presented by Dr Susan Marsden

This meeting was deferred due to a possible outbreak of COVID-19 in the community.  It was felt that our members… Read More


In the steps of Elder, Barr Smith and Waite, the 1860s-1940s

Presented by Pam Rajkowski OAM

Over years researching the complex history of the Afghan cameleers, introduced to Australia by Thomas Elder, Pamela encountered an intricate… Read More


The early history of tramways in Adelaide with a special focus on the Burnside lines

Presented by Colin Seymour

Read More


The history of vegetation in Burnside and the recent restoration of the Michael Perry Reserve

Presented by Dr Mark Ellis

Michael Perry Reserve is along Second Creek in upper Stonyfell.  It can be entered from Kurrajong   Avenue.  There are several… Read More


Bad night over Lille May 1944

Presented by Colonel Steven Larkins OAM (retired)

In 1998, I met a Belgian detective in Ypres.  We have remained in contact more or less continuously since.  These… Read More


Bay to Birdwood and Back to Burnside

Presented by Michelle Toft

The inaugural Bay to Birdwood Run was held in 1980 to commemorate the issuing of the first South Australian driver’s… Read More


The Lewis family: from Burra to Benacre and Beyond

Presented by Ash Wright

History Month Special Meeting When James Lewis arrived in the newly formed colony of South Australia on the Rapid in 1838, he… Read More


Burnside in the Archives: researching local government at State Records

Presented by Helen Chadwick

Annual General Meeting to be held prior to speaker. State Records of South Australia holds the archive of official records… Read More


Planning and Heritage Protection With Reference to Burnside

Presented by Dr Darren Peacock and Melissa Ballantyne

Like many councils, Burnside has in its current Development Plan a listing of contributory items, buildings which collectively add to… Read More


Osmond Gilles: Colonial Treasurer and Businessman, Pastoralist and Philanthropist

Presented by Anne and Ross Both

Did you know the first Treasurer of the Colony of South Australia loaned the government money to stop it going… Read More


SA’s version of “The Antiques Road Show” comes to Burnside

Presented by John Foumakis

South Australia’s version of “The Antiques Road Show” comes to Burnside with local antiques expert John Foumakis. Burnside Historical Society… Read More


Icon of the Barossa – Chateau Tanunda: Origins of a grand winery and its Burnside connections

Presented by Geoffrey Bishop

Château Tanunda is the grandest of the Barossa Valley’s C19th winery buildings. Its origins are unusual as the impetus for… Read More


Modernist Adelaide: Hip and happening architecture 1950s-70s, including Burnside

Presented by Stuart Symons

Adelaide was fertile ground for architectural experimentation in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, when a new breed of forward-thinking architects… Read More


Growing up in Burnside – memories, stories and anecdotes

Presented by Colin Harris

We all treasure our childhood memories and where we grew up usually looms large in those memories. For Colin Harris… Read More


Meeting cancelled

Presented by Anne and Ross Both

Osmond Gilles was a notable figure in early colonial South Australia and this talk will provide a brief biography and… Read More


Meeting cancelled

Presented by Stephen Larkins OAM

Australia trained around 27,000 air crew during WW2 under the Empire Air Training Scheme for service, with the RAAF under… Read More


Meeting cancelled

Read More


Meeting cancelled

Read More


Meeting cancelled

Please note that this meeting has been cancelled as a precaution, due to the current Coronavirus situation. Read More


Look Mum – no mortar! Dry-stone walling in rural South Australia

Presented by Dr Bruce Munday

Dry stone walls and structures are very much part of the South Australian cultural landscape. Although resistant to fire, termites… Read More


Quiz Night

Come and celebrate another successful year for the Burnside Historical Society by attending the Quiz Night at our final meeting… Read More


Harnessing the River Murray

Presented by Helen Stagg

Helen’s paper takes a journey through the research for her book, Harnessing the River Murray: stories of the people who… Read More


Photographers and photography in SA in the 19th century

Presented by Howard Speed

South Australia has a rich colonial photographic history, including Australia’s first landscapes, first Art society and first Royal photographer, all… Read More


From the Buffalo to Beaumont: the olive in South Australia

Presented by Margaret Ford

The olive has been an essential commodity for centuries, a source of oil for medicine, food, and even waterproofing boots!… Read More


Burnside’s unrecognised Egyptologist: the career of Max Weidenbach

Presented by Michael Donoghue

Abergeldie House in Glen Osmond was once the home of Max Weidenbach – an Egyptologist who was a member of… Read More


Making history accessible for children: examples from picture book biographies

Presented by Dr Kristin Weidenbach

Award winning local author Dr Kristin Weidenbach will talk about presenting history for children, drawing on her non-fiction picture books:… Read More


Burnside Primary School 150th Anniversary

Presented by Year 7 Burnside Primary School students

Year 7 students from Burnside Primary School will present research about the history of their school and community. This event… Read More


Women’s Service in WW2: Stories from a rare local Honour Board

Presented by Dr Janet Scarfe

In World War l women who wished to serve were effectively restricted to being nurses, but in World War ll… Read More


Samuel Grau Hübbe and the South Australian Stock Route Expedition

Presented by Andrew Peake

Samuel Hübbe (1848-1900) had an adventurous life which included employment on the construction of the Overland Telegraph in 1870-72 and… Read More


Drawn from Life: An insight into Sir Hans Heysen’s early life

Presented by Denise Schumann OAM

Heysen’s art and his life remain subjects of great interest and reflection, but few realise that in his early years… Read More


Joint event at Beaumont House with the Burnside Branch of the National Trust SA

Our normal monthly meeting moves venue for this special event, to historic Beaumont House, 631 Glynburn Road, Beaumont. Come along… Read More


Muriel Matters

Presented by Francis Bedford

They called her ‘that daring Australian girl’, and for good reason. An actor, elocutionist, musician, educationist, suffragist and peace campaigner,… Read More


Renewal of Her Majesty’s Theatre

Presented by Legh Davis

Affectionately known as the Maj, Her Majesty’s Theatre opened in 1913 as the Tivoli and at that time was regarded… Read More


History of Roses

Presented by Kelvin Trimper

Adelaide has the perfect climate to grow roses and in this presentation Kelvin will cover the conditions required, the preparation… Read More


Early bridges of Adelaide and their stories: never a bridge too far

Presented by Chris Durrant

No sooner up than down was the fate of Adelaide’s early bridges. From Hindmarsh to Hackney, the River Torrens soon… Read More


The rise and fall of John Verran – the first Labor Government in South Australia (and the world)

Presented by Professor Philip Payton

In 1910 John Verran, a Cornish copper miner from Moonta, became Premier of South Australia and thus leader of the… Read More


John Horrocks: a man of substance

Presented by Rod Shearing

John Horrocks 1818-1846 appears in the South Australian pantheon of European exploration as a minor figure, but was he? Led… Read More


Hands on history: bringing the centenary of Armistice Day to life

Presented by Ms Amy Feldman

Bringing the Centenary of Armistice Day to Life is an interactive way to engage people with South Australia’s World War… Read More


How the Afghan cameleers helped establish Australia, 1860s-1930s

Presented by Pamela Rajkowski OAM

In the course of this lecture Pamela will address a number of key questions about camels in Australia, including the… Read More


Alfred Traeger, inventor and pedal wireless man

Presented by Dr Pauline Payne

The remarkable Alfred Traeger, ‘electronic tinkerer’ and inventor, working with the Rev. John Flynn, changed the lives of isolated-Outback people… Read More


From Teetulpa to the Tanami: around South Australia’s goldfields 1882-1911 with Lionel Gee SM

Presented by Judy Fander

Now largely forgotten, Lionel C E Gee SM was for many years one of Adelaide’s prominent citizens, and a Burnside… Read More


Edith Hübbe’s lifelong teaching career: from Grote St to Knightsbridge

Presented by Professor Kay Whitehead

Professor Whitehead’s address will explores Edith Hübbe’s (1859-1942) family life, friendships and work as a teacher from Grote St Model… Read More


A Woman’s Voice: the parliamentary careers of Joyce Steele and Jessie Cooper

Presented by Jenny Stock

Endorsed for safe Liberal seats, and duly elected in March 1959, these Liberal women MPs had not only to represent… Read More


Glenside Hospital – Then and Now    

Presented by David Buob

Glenside Hospital began as the Parkside Lunatic Asylum in 1870. Its history from that establishment through to its peak of… Read More


Cobar and Western New South Wales: South Australia’s connection

Presented by David Rogers

Throughout the second half of the 19th century South Australia played a major role in the development of western New… Read More


The Extraordinary Life of Sir Sidney Kidman

Presented by Christo Reid

Two films and a collection of photographs will celebrate the life of legendary outback cattleman Sir Sidney Kidman. The first… Read More


The Inverell Kurrajongs of World War 1

Presented by Sharan Northcott

On 12 January 1916 114 men left Inverell in northern New South Wales to fight in World War 1. The… Read More


Italian Migration to South Australia

Presented by Daniela Rose

Numerically, Italians are the largest group from a non-English speaking background in South Australia. Over 20 000 are first-generation settlers… Read More


Coopers on Statenborough

Presented by Alison Painter

This presentation covers the progress of Cooper & Sons from 1882-2002 when Thomas Cooper, and later his descendants, operated the… Read More


Me ‘n Me Mates: a performance of Australian songs, stories, poems and yarns by Splash Theatre Company

Presented by Splash Theatre Company

Members and their families and friends are invited to join us for the year’s final meeting as we enjoy an… Read More


The real story of the King’s speech: Lionel Logue and the South Australian connections

Presented by Denise Schumann

Lionel George Logue (1880-1953) CVO was an Australian speech and language therapist and amateur stage actor who successfully treated, among… Read More


Miss Wauchope’s ‘dreams of an up-to-date school’

Presented by Professor Kay Whitehead

This presentation focuses on schooling in South Australia from the 1870s to the 1930s. Included in it will be a… Read More


The Extraordinary Life of Sir Sidney Kidman

Presented by Christo Reid

Two films and a collection of photographs will celebrate the life of legendary outback cattleman Sir Sidney Kidman. The first… Read More


Vienna-Shanghai-Burnside: The Preiss Family Life Journey

Presented by Wolfgang Victor Preiss

Wolfgang Preiss was born in Shanghai in 1944 to Austrian parents Josef and Katharina who, twice in their lives, found… Read More


The Queen Adelaide Society Inc

Presented by Triss and Paul Roberts

Queen Adelaide, a German Princess, married William, Duke of Clarence, in England. Their family died in infancy, but Adelaide loved… Read More


“Penryn is Nothing to Adelaide” Early Cornish Emigration to SA

Presented by Philip Payton, Professor of History, Flinders University.

In the first decade after the foundation of South Australia in 1836, thousands of men, women and children left Cornwall… Read More


AGM & George Bolton Archival Films 1930s to 1960s

Join us for our AGM and viewing of George Bolton archival films. As a contribution to the 140th celebrations of… Read More


Edward Cairns of Ardrossan: from schoolboy to scholar

Presented by Dr Robert Kimber

Edward Cairns was barely 21 when he died at Gallipoli. He left behind in his dugout on Cheshire Ridge a… Read More


Two Burnside Ladies: how SA got its first female MPs

Presented by Jenny Stock

Joyce Steele and Jessie Cooper made history when elected in March 1959 to the South Australian Parliament, the former for… Read More


New chums and diggers; the history of Australian mining fields through song

Presented by Dr Ross Both

Songs from the Australian mining fields that have been handed down from singer to singer and collected by folklorists have… Read More


Avenues of Honour

Presented by Darren Peacock

More than any other people, Australians have chosen to honour their war dead through the planting of memorial trees. Across… Read More


What is an Architecture Museum? The evolution, activities and contributions of the Architecture Museum at the University of Adelaide

Presented by Associate Professor Christine Garnaut

This talk will outline the origins and evolution of architecture museums and similar entities overseas and address their role and… Read More


The National Archives – revealing personal stories related to the City of Burnside n National Archives – revealing personal stories related to the City of Burnside

Presented by Dr Sara King

On the surface of it the National Archives would seem to only describe the official story of the Commonwealth of… Read More


Sharing the Good Earth – 175 years of Adelaide’s Royal Show

Presented by Rob Linn

The Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA began its life at a public meeting in 1839. Founded to improve… Read More


Edward Mead Bagot. ‘We ne’er shall look upon his like again’

Presented by Sally Hopton

A native of County Clare in Ireland, Edward Meade (Ned) Bagot migrated to South Australia with his father in 1840.… Read More


Charles Todd, Government Electrician

Presented by Richard Venus

Sir Charles Todd is best known for the Overland Telegraph, but this extraordinary engineer and scientist had a significant impact… Read More


History through photography – the power of the image

Presented by Charles Hulse

Until the mid-19th century history relied largely on the written word, but with the invention and rapid development of photography… Read More


Images of Gallipoli

Presented by Nick Smyth

This is a special Memorial meeting. Gallipoli is familiar to everyone but not everyone knows a lot about it. Images… Read More


How Burnside was the home of the iconic Simpson Washing Machine

Presented by Antony Simpson

The company that manufactured the iconic Simpson washing machine was in family hands for five generations and 153 years, a… Read More


The Cheer-Up Society of First World War SA: aspects of the significant story of the war work of South Australian women

Presented by Christeen Schoepf

In November 1914, a cleverly played out publicity stunt by Alexandrina Seager and editor of the Register, William Sowden, ensured… Read More


They Crossed the world to Settle in South Australia – A Song Writer’s View

Presented by Alan Hartley

Alan has a "real job" as a Project Manager with the Department of Transport balanced with a life-long passion for… Read More


Kennion House – the Anglican Boys’ Home in Walkerville

Presented by Lyn O'Grady

The Church of England Boys’ Home in Walkerville cared for boys from broken and destitute homes for nearly 100 years.… Read More


Mary Penfold and Joseph Gillard Jr: A different view of the Penfolds Wines

Presented by Dr Geoffrey Bishop

The origin of many wine companies is shrouded in vague ‘facts’ which, with a bit of good research, can be… Read More


Art Deco

Presented by David O'Loughlin

In 1925 Paris hosted the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. It marked a turning point in design… Read More


The Teapot and The Bible

Presented by Pam Gray

Pam Gray and Barbara Macey are the great-great-granddaughters of Frederick George Waterhouse. In their address they will give us a… Read More


Who Killed William Hyde?

Presented by Anne Both

In this address Anne will give us a brief biography of Constable William Hyde and the events leading to his… Read More


Searching Coromandel Valley’s history

Presented by David Wyatt

David’s talk will present some aspects of Coromandel Valley history that prepare the way for the bus tour to take… Read More


Nineteenth century post-contact Adelaide archaeology

Presented by Dr Keryn Walshe

Post-contact archaeology in the Adelaide region commenced with the arrival of whalers and sealers off Kangaroo Island and Fleurieu Peninsula… Read More


Edward Maurice Grant – The Forgotten Electrical Pioneer

Presented by Richard Venus

There were a number of significant events in the establishment of electricity supply in South Australia including the first installation… Read More


Guided tour of St Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide

Presented by Our January meeting will be a tour around this historic building. The Anglican Cathedral was built in Gothic Revival style which was popular in the second half of the 19th century. Tour leaders from St Peter’s Cathedral will describe the history of the building, directing attention to the varied stained glass windows, the woodwork carved in English oak and a range of artefacts. An optional dinner afterwards at The Sussex Hotel, Walkerville from 7.30 pm. Bookings to Meredith ide 8365 3049

Read More


Memory Chains – Living, Working, Playing in the City of Burnside 1945-65

Presented by Anne Both & others

Memory Chains is funded jointly by the Historical Society of South Australia and the Burnside Historical Society. The BHS committee… Read More


Journey in wine: 125 years of Angove family winemakers

Presented by Geoffrey Bishop

Angove Family Winemakers was established in 1886 at Tea Tree Gully by Cornish-born Dr W.T. Angove. Today with its base… Read More


Charles Campbell’s backyard – then and now

Presented by Jim Everett

Charles Campbell was born on the Isle of Skye and in 1821 his family migrated to Sydney. He arrived in… Read More


John Dunn: the father of Mount Barker

Presented by Don Goldney

John Dunn came to Adelaide in 1840 and after being offered land by each of the owners of the Mount… Read More


Future of the Royal Adelaide Hospital heritage precinct

Presented by Marcus Beresford

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is arguably one of the most significant sites of social heritage in South Australia and also… Read More


Flower power: George Smith, an Adelaide landscape gardener

Presented by Kate Walsh

Flower Power focuses on the life and work of an Adelaide Hills landscape gardener and nurseryman, George Smith. He was… Read More


Down by the creek: Burnside’s first industrial zone

Presented by Colin Harris

Part of About Time: South Australia’s History Festival In the foyer adjacent to the Burnside Library is a large wooden… Read More


Annual General Meeting and address – ‘Thirty years of the BHS’

Presented by Richard House

Richard’s talk will be a brief résumé of the thirty years of the Burnside Historical Society. He will cover such… Read More


Now v’s then: Rambling after explorers

Presented by Rick Moore

It is well recognized that Australians are mainly coastal dwellers. The great interior of the country was unknown by Europeans… Read More


The Gilles brothers and the Glen Osmond Mine dispute

Presented by Dr Ross Both

The Glen Osmond Mine was one of a group of silver-lead mines that were Australia’s first metaliferous mines. The mine… Read More


Guided tour of Walkerville Wesleyan Cemetery

Presented by Local guides

Walkerville Wesleyan Cemetery, opened on 8 May 1849, is heritage-listed and a diversity of occupations are represented in those interred… Read More


Burnside War Memorial Hospital Inc

Presented by Nick Warden

In his address to the Society Nick Warden will tell the story of a Burnside community intent on showing its… Read More


Robert Clark Morgan. Whaling Sea Captain – little-known figure of early South Australian History

Presented by Dorothy Heinrich

On 27 July 1836 Robert Clark Morgan brought the first official settlers to Kangaroo Island on board the whaling ship… Read More


Memories of Linden Park

Presented by Chas Grimes

Charles (Chas) Grimes will provide us with his personal recollections of Linden Park from the early 1950s to the present,… Read More


The history and protection of housing in Burnside

Presented by Kate McDougall

Burnside is one of Adelaide’s important residential suburbs and it reflects the growth of the Metropolitan area and its changing… Read More


South Australian ornithology 1802-99

Presented by Dr Andrew Black

The scientific study of birds in pre-colonial and colonial times was generally the domain of experts in Europe but explorers… Read More


Red deserts & leafy walks

Presented by Valmai Hankel

The Burnside area has been associated with several of our inland explorers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, some… Read More


Prince Alfred College

Presented by Geoff Bean

Prince Alfred College was founded in 1869 and celebrated its Centenary in 1969. In his lecture Geoffrey Bean will address… Read More


Bennett’s Pottery and the Magill Cemetery–a link with the past

Presented by Meredith Ide and Sandra Lachlan

Bennett’s Magill Pottery, is the last small hands – on industry in the City of Burnside. As early as 1854… Read More


Adelaide’s First Gaol

Presented by Mr Max Slee

Read More


Angel Flights

Presented by Mr Bob Korotcoff

Read More


Foothills Living in the late Nineteenth Century. Followed by dinner at The Feathers Hotel

Presented by An outdoors meeting in H'bbe Court presented by Mr Colin Harris

Read More


History through Objects – a Show and Tell

Presented by Members showing and talking about personal items

Read More


The History behind three Plaques: Greengate Inn, Prescott Farm and Wandeen

Presented by Mrs Sharan Northcott, Mr Colin Harris and Mrs Mary Wilson (all BHS members)

Read More


Fergusson Park: it’s History and Natural History

Presented by Mr Ken Preiss

Read More


A Very Different Climate; How European Settlers Coped

Presented by Mr Tony Rogers

Read More


The Magic Lantern – Images of Innamincka

Presented by Mr Ron Potts

Read More


John Rymill – Our Forgotten Explorer

Presented by Ms Valerie Sitters

Read More


The Defence of Darwin

Presented by Mr Ray Buttery

Read More


What Grows Out of Wars

Presented by Mr Glen Woodward

Read More


The Golden Age of Australian Exploring

Presented by Mr Rick Moore

Read More


A Tale of Two Towns: Cold War Tensions in Outback Australia

Presented by Ms Iris Iwanicki

Read More


Brock Reserve: Walking Trails and the Brock Family History

Presented by An outdoors meeting in Brock Reserve presented by Mr Rob Marshall and Mr Chris Hughes

followed by dinner at the Feathers Hotel Read More


Mound Springs and the Burnside Connection

Presented by Mr Simon Lewis

Read More


A National History Curriculum – Attainable Goal or Pie in the Sky?

Presented by Mr Paul Foley

Read More


Tom Kruse and Reg Sprigg – Legends of the Outback

Presented by Mrs Kristin Weidenbach

Read More


Swimming in the River Torrens

Presented by Mr Michael Talbot

Read More


Special Event: 30th Anniversary dinner at the Feathers Hotel

Read More


Burnside’s Parks and Reserves

Presented by Mrs Eleanor Trott

Read More


The Trak – Burnside’s art-house Cinema

Presented by Mr Michael Schneider

Read More


Eastern Regional History Seminar hosted by Burnside Historical Society

Presented by Keynote talk Bits of Burnside by Richard House

Read More


Seymour College – A History

Presented by Ms Margaret MacDonald

Read More


Solo Travels in the Outback – with a Glance at some Explorers

Presented by Ms Valmai Hankel

Read More


The Magic Lantern – Glass Images from the Past

Presented by Mr Ron Potts

Read More


The Clipper Ship Adelaide – Last Chance or Lost Cause?

Presented by Mrs Pam Whittle

Read More


Hazelwood Park

Presented by An outdoors meeting in Hazelwood Park presented by Mr John Clark and Mr Andrew Crompton

followed by dinner at The Feathers Hotel Read More


Members Evening

Presented by showing and talking about personal items

Read More


Your Dunes, My Dunes

Presented by Mr Richard House

Read More


Dame Roma Mitchell; The Untellable Tale

Presented by Prof Susan Magarey

Read More


How to Build a Good Home Cheaply; a History of the South Australia Home Builders Club

Presented by Dr Christine Garnaut

Read More


William McMinn; Architect of Marble Hill

Presented by Dr Geoffrey Bishop

Read More


Charles Birks Ltd – the Story of a Department Store

Presented by Mr Graham Polglase

Read More



Presented by Mr Brian Sarre

Read More


The Diplomatic Gardener

Presented by Dr Pauline Payne

Read More


Teaching in the 1950s and 60s

Presented by Mr Glen Woodward

Read More


John Banks Shepherdson – First Schoolmaster, Farmer and Special Magistrate

Presented by Mr Eric Spehr

Read More


Tour of Adelaide Oval

Presented by had to be cancelled at the last minute

Read More


The Largely Forgotten Story – Peterborough and Word War Two

Presented by Mr John Mannion

Read More


Keeping a Trust – the Wyatt Benevolent Institution

Presented by Dr Carol Fort

Read More


Hans Heysen – State Conservationalist and Historian

Presented by Mr Alan Campbell

Read More


An Antarctic Affair

Presented by Ms Emma McEwin

Read More


C.J. Dennis – The Untold Story

Presented by Ms Denise Schumann

Read More


Source to Sea – the Story of Murray Riverboats

Presented by Mr Ian Doyle

The recording of this meeting is accompanied by the transcript of a presentation by Ian Doyle ?The River Murray ?… Read More


The Wildlife of sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island

Presented by Mr Duncan Mackenzie

Read More


Adelaide City History

Presented by Mr Max Winter

Read More


SS Great Britain: a story of a great ship, a great engineer and a great grandmother

Presented by Mr Jim Crompton

Read More


An Album of Memories

Presented by Mr Ken Preiss

Read More


Tour of Old Treasury Building

Presented by guides from Ayers House

Read More


The Hay Family of Linden and Mt Breckan

Presented by Mr Anthony Laube

Read More


The Last Mail to Birdsville (Tom Kruse)

Presented by Mr Ian Doyle

Read More


The Founders of South Australia: Who should we venerate?

Presented by Dr Jeff Nicholas

Read More


Gluepot remembered

Presented by Mr Duncan McKenzie

Read More


Showing Films at the Burnside Library

Presented by Mr Don Drake

Read More


Irish Orphans in South Australia

Presented by Ms Marie Maddocks

Read More


Clement Lindley Wragge: Meteorologist and Eccentric

Presented by Mr Peter Adamson

Read More


S.T.Gill: Travelling the Frontier

Presented by Mr Ralph Grandison

Read More


Burnside – Towards an Environmental History

Presented by Mr Colin Harris

Read More


The Cromptons of Stonyfell and Stonyfell House

Presented by Mr John Crompton

Read More


Tour of Adelaide Town Hall

Presented by led by Mr Glen Woodward

followed by lunch in the Town Hall caf Read More


A Visit to the Holy Land

Presented by Mr Doug Kneebone

Read More


A Celebration of Older Australians

Presented by Michael Standen Win Haseloff

Read More


The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden

Presented by Mr John Zwar

Read More


A History of Adelaide Technical High School

Presented by Mr Charles Grimes

Read More


Understanding the Heritage Value of the Upper North

Presented by Dr Peter Bell

Read More


Jetties of South Australia – Past and Present

Presented by Mr Neville Collins

Read More


Cornish Migration to South Australia

Presented by Mr David and Ms Kay Gill

Read More


(Army History and the Keswick Army Museum)

Presented by (by Lt Col Sven Kuusk - Speaker did not show)

Read More


Sand and Paper: In the footsteps of some explorers

Presented by Michael Standen Valmai Hankel

Read More


Vision 2020 – Past, Present and Future

Presented by Strategic Planning for the Burnside Community

Read More


Tour of St Mark’s College, North Adelaide

Presented by Hon John Bannon

followed by dinner in the college dining room Read More


The History of the Christmas Pageant

Presented by Mr Ian Carter

Read More


The University of the Third Age

Presented by Dr Jack Cross

Read More


Radio – A History as I see it

Presented by Mr Tony Ryan

Read More


A Mediaeval Tale of a Man and his Mistress

Presented by Mr and Mrs Ian and Joan Stratford

Read More


Hard Country and Hard Times

Presented by Mr Colin Harris

Read More


Researching Family History

Presented by Shirley Sampson

Read More


The Glen Osmond Silver Mines

Presented by by Dr Ross Both

Read More


The Story of Legacy

Presented by Colonel Peter Scott

Read More


Steam Power: Its evolution, application and the traction engine

Presented by Mr Ken Preiss (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


‘Charlie’ Kingston and his Turbulent Times

Presented by Mr John Bannon

Read More


Postcards – The TV program

Presented by Mr Keith Conlon

Read More


The Burnside Symphony Orchestra

Presented by Mr Doug Pearce

Read More


South Australia and Federation

Presented by Prof. Peter Howell

Read More


The History of Burnside Primary School

Presented by Mrs Margaret Preiss; BHS member, Mrs Edna Bayfield; BHS member, Mr Phil Ogden

Read More


The Character of Melrose Past

Presented by Ms Meredith Resce

Read More


South Australian History: Is it worth capturing in Literature?

Presented by Mr Tony Brooks

Read More


A Source of Innocent Merriment: Some History of Gilbert and Sullivan and performances in SA

Presented by Miss Elizabeth Olsson and Mr Richard Trevaskis

Read More


Changes in Mining Technology

Presented by Mr Rex Hosking

Read More


The Natural Heritage of Burnside

Presented by Mr Andrew Crompton

Read More


41 Years in the Engineering Dept of the Burnside Council

Presented by Mr Richard Crabb

Read More


Heritage Management

Presented by Mr Rainer Jozeps

Read More


A tour of St Peter’s College

Presented by led by Colonel Ray Stanley OBE former Deputy Headmaster

Read More


A Multicultural Christmas

Presented by speakers from Latvia, Lithuania and Ukrainia

Read More


The History of Dentistry in South Australia

Presented by Dr Trevor Martin

Read More


On with the Motley

Presented by Jo Peoples

Read More


The History of Brick Making in South Australia with reference to Burnside

Presented by Mr Greg Drew (Burnside Historical Society Member)

Read More


The History of the South East in relation to areas to be visited during our September trip

Presented by Dr Leith MacGillivray

Read More


Pembroke and its Community: Past, present and future

Presented by Mr Malcolm Lamb

Read More


The Unknown South Australia: There is the South Australia you know and the South Australia waiting to be discovered

Presented by Mr John Evans

Read More


The Historical development of the Hybrid Tea Rose from 1850

Presented by Mr Dean Stringer

Read More


Childhood Recollections

Presented by Mr Ken Preiss

Read More


The Simpson Family and Undelcarra

Presented by Mr Anthony Simpson

Read More


A tour of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Presented by led by Friends of the Botanic Gardens

followed by dinner at the Hackney Hotel Read More


If a fairy godmother granted unlimited funds for the purpose, what one single wish would you choose for the benefit of South Australia

Presented by Talks given by Burnside Historical Society members: Mrs Sheilagh D?Mellow, Mrs Ella McLaren, Mrs Edna Reynolds.followed by a quiz on Burnside and South Australia history conducted by Mr Richard House

Read More


The Evolution of the Railway Station in South Australia : 1856-1984

Presented by Mr John Evans

Read More


South Australian Whaling Stations

Presented by Mr Terry Arnott

Read More


South Australia’s Riverland – a geo-historical synopsis

Presented by Mr George Woolmer

Read More


Discovering Musical Treasures – the early cello

Presented by Dr Mark Smith

Read More


The Progress of the Adelaide Zoo towards a Conservation Centre

Presented by Mr Ed McAlister

Read More


The History of Burnside’s Trees and Parks

Presented by Mr Simon Bradley

Read More


An Introduction to the Adelaide City Archives

Presented by Mr Robert Thornton

Read More


A History of Victoria Square, Adelaide

Presented by Mr Andrew Klenke

Read More


The Scottish Influence in Adelaide

Presented by by Mr Lennox Pawson

Read More


A Tour of Cummins House

Presented by led by Friends of Cummins House followed by dinner in Cummins House

Read More


Living in Burnside in the early 20th Century

Presented by by Mr Colin Harris (Burnside Historical Society member) and Mr Earl Lawrence

Read More


How the Suburbs got their Names

Presented by by Mr Brian Ward (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


The History of ETSA

Presented by by Mr Rob Linn

Read More


History and Heritage of Broken Hill

Presented by by Mr Greg Drew

Read More


The Legislative Council

Presented by by Hon Jamie Irwin

Read More


Heritage Landscapes

Presented by by Dr David Jones

Read More


Age of Transition: A Study of Four SA Private Girls’ Schools

Presented by by Dr Helen Reid

Read More


Nora Heysen by Allan Campbell

Read More


The Irish and Other Celtic Connections at Carrick Hill

Presented by Mrs Elizabeth Rogers (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


Take Three Times a Day

Presented by Dr Angelo Morella

Read More


A Tour of Cooper’s Brewery

Presented by led by Mt Bill Cooper (Burnside Historical Society member) and Mr Nick Sterenberg

followed by dinner at the Kensington Hotel Read More


My Most Memorable Christmas. Talks given by BHS members: Miss Shirley Cameron-Wilson, Mr Alan Cross, Mr Richard House, Miss Pauline Teasdale-Smith, Mr Allan Brooker, Miss Elsie Ahrens, Miss Mary Baker, Mr Jim White

Read More


Explorers or Spies? Baudin in Port Jackson

Presented by Mr Tony Brown

Read More


Seeing is Believing? or is it?

Presented by Mr Alan Brunt

Read More


A Brief History of the Queen Victoria Hospital

Presented by Dr John Bundey

Read More


An Adventure with Iodine Deficiency – starting in Papua New Guinea

Presented by Dr Basil Hetzel

Read More


The History of Jazz Proper and Jazz Popular

Presented by Dr Don Hopgood

Read More


The History of the Tatiara District

Presented by Ms Lynette Staude

Read More


Changes in Pharmacy – from the Ancient Greeks to 2000

Presented by Mr Charles Grimes (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


The History of Romalo House, Magill

Presented by Mr and Mrs Warren and Bunty Bonython (Burnside Historical Society members)

Read More


The Great Eastern Road

Presented by Mr Bill Stacy

Read More


Bus Tour of the mansions on the Mount Lofty Ridge

Presented by led by Mr Robert Martin and followed by dinner at The Eagle on the Hill

Read More


Smith Brothers – 80 Years on

Presented by Mr Don Temby

Read More


A Historical Introduction to the Barossa

Presented by Mr Don Ross

Read More


The History of Attunga

Presented by Mrs Barbara Crompton (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


They Became Nurses

Presented by Ms Joan Durdin

Read More


Early Women Artists of the Burnside area

Presented by Miss Shirley Cameron-Wilson

Read More


John McDouall Stuart

Presented by Ms Valmai Hankel and Mr Colin Harris

Read More


Public Transport in the Eastern Suburbs

Presented by Dr John Radcliffe

Read More


An Introduction to the Genealogy Society

Presented by Mr Andrew Peake (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


Hidden Treasures on the Terrace –

Presented by A visit to see the library material of the Royal Geographical Society of SA

Read More


Bishop Short of Beaumont

Presented by Mrs Mary Bleby

Read More


A visit to Penfold’s Magill Estate to see the Grange Cellars and Dr Christopher Penfold’s Cottage

Presented by led by Penfold’s Winery staff members

Read More


How well do you know South Australia and Burnside History

Presented by a quiz led by Mr Richard House (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


The Return of the Unknown Soldier

Presented by Mr Simon Berry

Read More


Well known Names from Jamestown

Presented by Mrs Barbara Parri

Read More


Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Presented by Mr Brian Samuels

Read More


Changing Fashions in Society

Presented by Mrs Marjorie Hann

Read More


The Lives and Skills of the Kaurna People of the Adelaide Plains

Presented by Mr Philip Clarke

Read More


More British than the British

Presented by Dr Peter Last

Read More


A Conceptual Walk through Adelaide in 1898

Presented by Mr Trevor Barr

Read More


Celebrating the Achievements of Notable South Australians

Presented by Mr Stewart Cockburn

Read More


The Titanic Disaster – the true facts

Presented by Mr John Evans

Read More


A stroll through Stirling

Presented by led by Chris Chardon and followed by dinner at Seimer?s Restaurant

Read More


Pulteney – 150 Years and a Book. A history of the school

Presented by Mr John Moore

Read More


Catherine Helen Spence

Presented by Prof Susan Magary

Read More


An Ill-shaped Leg – The settlement and Development of the Yorke Peninsula

Presented by Dr Geoffrey Bishop

Read More


Charles Cameron Kingston and his role in Australian Federation

Presented by Mr John Bannon

Read More


The Adelaide Museum

Presented by Mr Mike Gemmell

Read More


Cleland Conservation Park – an Environmental History

Presented by Mr Colin Harris

Read More


Hotels of South Australia

Presented by Ms Pat Summerling

Read More


The History behind some of Burnside’s Parks and Gardens

Presented by J.B.Ware Reserve by Mr Deane Dinning; Chelsea Cinema Gardens by Miss Elsie Ahrens; Bell Yett Reserve by Mrs Wendy McGuffog; Hazel wood Park by Mr John Clark; Tusmore Park by Miss Elaine Smyth

Read More


The George Bolton Archival Footage: 1930s – 1960s

Presented by as filmed by Mr George Bolton

Read More


A (conceptual) walk through The Endeavour replica

Presented by Commander Robin Pennock

Read More


A tour through Adelaide and Gay’s Arcades

Presented by led by Ms Sharon Leaney

Read More


My Pioneer Ancestors Talks given by BHS members with known ancestry back to between 1840 and 1850 in South Australia

Presented by Miss Elsie Ahrens; Mrs Edna Bayfield; Mrs Eunice Clark; Miss Elaine Smyth; Mrs Pam Whittle

Read More


Discovering Women in South Australia

Presented by Dr Helen Jones (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


Exploring Naracoorte and Penola

Presented by Dr Leith MacGillivray

Read More


The Conservationalist as Historian

Presented by Mr Graham Jenkin

Read More


Treasures of the State Library of South Australia

Presented by Ms Valmai Hankel

Read More


History of Gas in South Australia

Presented by Mr Graham Moloney

Read More


Colonel Light Gardens

Presented by Mr Phillip King

Read More


The History behind three Burnside Plaques

Presented by Erindale by Mrs Wendy McGuffog; Glen Osmond winery by Mr Deane Dinning; Hahndorf Walking Trail by Mrs Elizabeth Simpson

Read More


The Standardisation of Australia’s Railway Gauges since World War II

Presented by Mr David Reid (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


The Centenary that Isn’t: Commemorating Australian Rules Football

Presented by Mr Bernard Whimpress

Read More


A visit to Skye Cellars

Presented by including a talk on site by Dr Geoffrey Bishop,

Read More


A Tale of Two Cultures – An Oral History of the Savings Bank of South Australia

Presented by Ms Denise Schumann

Read More


Adelaide’s Classical Buildings

Presented by Dr Anne Geddes

Read More


Tombstone Designs

Presented by Dr Robert Nicol

Read More


Burnside the Beautiful – History of place names

Presented by Mr Geoffrey Manning

Read More


Early Adelaide Theatres: an architectural history perspective

Presented by Mr Hamish Angas

Read More


The Poet as a Historian

Presented by Mr Graham Jenkin

Read More


Old Monastery, TST Brandy and a Boat called Pedare – the Tolley Wine Family

Presented by Dr Geoffrey Bishop

Read More


The History behind three Burnside plaques

Presented by Beaumont Common by Mr Alan Cross; Linden by Mrs Barbara Crompton; Hazelwood Park by Mr John Clark

Read More


The Governor and the Constitution – a practical perspective

Presented by Mr Peter Bassett

Read More


Dennison Clarke – the Builder

Presented by Mrs Margaret Morgan

Read More


A walk through Mitcham Village

Presented by Mrs Iris Gorman (also a Burnside Historical Society member)

led by Mrs Pam Oborn, Miss Margaret Ragless, Mr Murray Scriven, Read More


Wrecks of the South Australian Coast

Presented by Mr Ian O?Donnell

Read More


The History of the Art Gallery of South Australia

Presented by Mrs Claire Brooks

Read More


The History of the Ghan and The Pichi Richi Railway

Presented by Mr Jack Babbage

Read More


Bell Yett – Barton Croft – Convent of Mercy in Wattle Park

Presented by Mrs Ruth Goble, Mrs Alice Milazzo and Sister Monica Marks

Read More


The Royal Flying Doctor Service

Presented by Mr Derek and Mrs Jean Wright

Read More


The History of St Georges Church, Magill by Mrs Bunty Bonython; The History of Clayton Congregational Church by Mr Donald D. Harris

Read More


Legitimising a Defacto Relationship – The South Australian Travelling Stock Routes

Presented by Ms Julie-Ann Ellis

Read More


Is this South Australia 1952?

Presented by Mr Denis Robinson

Read More


Adelaide Gaol – Life in Prison – Crime and Punishment

Presented by Mrs Sue Scheiffers

Read More


A Honeymoon in S.S. Great Britain, 1866

Presented by Mr Jim Crompton (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


The Murrays of Magill, – a tour of the house and garden of Murray House, followed by a talk

Presented by Mrs Elizabeth Warburton

Read More


Art and Enterprise – paintings by S.T. Gill

Presented by Mr Ralph Grandison

Read More


St Peter’s College – the First 100 Years

Presented by Mr Graham Brookman

Read More


George Charles Hawker and Bungaree in Clare and South Australia

Presented by Ms Elizabeth Milburn

Read More


On Blackbirding, Body Snatching, and Bisexuality – the Story of Professor A. Watson

Presented by Dr Philip Allen

Read More


The Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA, and its influence on the early development of the Colony

Presented by Mr Jack Reddin

Read More


Cave diving on the “arbor

Presented by Mr Christopher Brown

Read More


An Overview of Aboriginal Art in Olary Province

Presented by Mrs Margaret Nobbs

Read More


Bradman, Budge and Mansell: Sport in the Adelaide Parklands

Presented by Mr Bernard Whimpress

Read More


Native Vegetation – Pile’s Paddock to Stonyfell

Presented by Mr Darrell Kraehenbuel

Read More


Visit to Urrbrae House Museum, a visit led

Presented by Mrs Yvonne Routledge, Precinct Curator

Read More


The role played by some South Australians in the development of the Northern Territory

Presented by Mr Bill Mason (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


Members Night. 50th Anniversary remembering the war against Japan with Reminiscences and Personal Experiences

Presented by Co-ordinated by Mr David Rogers. Speakers were: Mr Moxon Simpson; Mr Ted Bayfield; Mr Alan Brooker; Mrs Edna Bayfield; Mr Alan Cross; Mrs Rene Craven; Mr Bob Whittle; Mr Jack Brown

Read More


My Walk along Eyre’s Horseshoe Lake

Presented by Mr Warren Bonython (Burnside Historical Society member)

Read More


Cruising the Outer Islands of South Australia

Presented by Mr Christopher Brown

Read More


The History of the Belair National Park

Presented by Dr John Hunwick

Read More


The History of Silverton and the Talisker Mine

Presented by Mr Peter Mussared

Read More


Peter Waite and his Vision

Presented by Mr Alan Jennings

Read More


The Place of History in the Education of Humans

Presented by Dr Harry Penny

Read More


Historical Zoning for the City of Burnside

Presented by Mr Grag Waller, Burnside City Planner

Read More


Some Prominent Unitarians of the Eastern Suburbs

Presented by Mr Peter Whitham

Read More


An evening guided walk along North Terrace

Presented by led by guides from Tourabout Adelaide

Read More


The Value of Oral History

Presented by Mrs Beth Robertson

Read More


My Pioneer Ancestors. Talks given by BHS members with known ancestry back to given dates in South Australia. 1837 – Mrs Joy Batt; 1838 – Mrs Jean Hartshorne; 1839 – Mrs Mary Auld; 1839 – Mr Ted Bayfield; 1839 – Mr Bob Whittle

Read More


The Torrens Park Estate: A Social and Architectural History

Presented by Mr Ken Preiss and Mrs Pam Oborn

Read More


The History of Two Local Schools – Burnside Primary School by Mrs Margaret Preiss, Mrs Edna Bayfield and Mr Maurice Hart; Rose Park Primary School by Dr Kerrie Davies

Read More


Augustus Short, First Anglican Bishop of Adelaide

Presented by Dr David Hilliard

Read More


A Presentation of old slides of Adelaide, showing then and now

Presented by Mr John Furlong

Read More


Burnside and its ‘Polite’ Architectural Past

Presented by Mr Gordon Young

Read More


The 150th Anniversary of the Glen Osmond Mines

Presented by Mr Greg Drew

Read More


The History of the Adelaide Children’s Hospital

Presented by Miss Helen James

Read More


Voyage to Sub Antarctica

Presented by Miss Elsie Ahrens

Read More


The History of the Gillman Area

Presented by Mrs J. Pash

Read More


St Peter’s Cathedral – a guided visit

Presented by led by cathedral guides

Read More


Christmas in my Homeland, Latvia by Mrs Irene Ozolins; Holland by Mr Nick Klaasen; New Holland by Mr Bill McGovern

Read More


From Paddocks to Suburbia – History in the Rose Park and Dulwich Area

Presented by Mr Peter Walsh

Read More


The History of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Presented by Miss Thekla Reichstein

Read More


The Burra Charter

Presented by Miss Robyn Taylor

Read More


75 Years with Gartrell Church byMiss Melva Sando; Over the Years with Knoxville Jubilee Bible Church by Pastor W.J. Chinery

Read More


Burnside Historical Society 10th Anniversary Evening

Presented by Looking Back to Look Forward by Mr Ron Gibbs; 10 Years of the Burnside Historical Society by Mr Richard House (President BHS)

Read More


The Life and Times of Queen Adelaide, The Victoriana Society, demonstration of dances

Presented by Mrs Dorothy Howie of the Queen Adelaide Society

Read More


Burnside Farm Journal of Peter Anderson

Presented by Mr Bill Mason

Read More


Birds of Burnside

Presented by Mrs Joan Paton

Read More


St Paul’s Monastery – a guided visit

Presented by led by Father Jerome Crowe

Read More


Women Artists in Burnside

Presented by Miss Shirley Cameron Wilson

Read More


Members Evening. Members brought old family items which were commented on by the antique dealer Mrs Helen Ellis

Read More


Toilers of the Hills – some aspects of the history of East Torrens

Presented by Dr Geoffrey Bishop and Mrs Pam Green

Read More


Living in South Australia – a look at South Australia through the Eyes of Ordinary People

Presented by BHS member

Mrs Elizabeth Kwan Read More


The Australian Bicentennial Police Overland Camel Expedition

Presented by Inspector Robert Maggs

Read More


Merrindie – A Family’s Farm

Presented by Mr C.R. Kelly

Read More


The History of The National Parks of South Australia

Presented by Mr Colin Harris

Read More


The Scots Connection – Mitcham to Montacute

Presented by Mrs Elizabeth Warburton

Read More


The Gooden Family of Norwood

Presented by Dr Brett Gooden

Read More


Early Days and People of King’s College

Presented by Mr Don D. Harris

Read More


Stonyfell Quarry – a visit followed by a talk

Presented by Mr Charles Barnes

Read More


The History of Eden Park (held in the gardens of Eden Park), followed by an inspection

Presented by Miss Beth Brittle and Miss Catherine Reid

Read More


Members Night. Reminiscences by members on their youth in various suburbs. Erindale by Mrs Pam Whittle; Kensington Gardens by Miss Alison Dolling; Rosslyn Park by Mrs Edna Davis; Knightsbridge by Mrs Margaret Preiss; Rose Park by Mrs Mary Vincent; Kensin

Read More


Behind the Scenes at The Migration and Settlement Museum

Presented by Mrs Viv Szekeres

Read More


The History of Linn’s of Marryatville

Presented by Mr Don Linn

Read More


Epaulettes, Sunburn and Varicose Veins in Victorian Times

Presented by Dr Janet Phillips

Read More


200 Years of Gardening in Australia

Presented by Mr Trevor Nottle

Read More


The South Australia Company’s Tenant Farms in Burnside

Presented by Mr Bill Mason

Read More


The National Trust of South Australia

Presented by Mr Robert Lewis

Read More


Eastwood Reminiscences

Presented by Dr Tom Reid

Read More


The History of Goolwa (followed by a trip there a week later)

Presented by Mr John Tolley

Read More


Dr William Wyatt of Kurralta (held in the garden of Kurralta)

Presented by Mr Keith Borrow

Read More


The History of Cooper’s Brewery (held in the brewery cellar)

Presented by Mrs Alison Painter

Read More


The Old Police Barracks in Adelaide – a tour followed by a talk

Presented by Mr Dean Millard

Read More


The History of the South Australian Police Force

Presented by Mr Wally Budd

Read More


The History of St Matthew’s Church, Rev K. Giles; The History of St David’s Church, Dr John Tuffley

Read More


Domestic Architecture in Adelaide

Presented by Mr Duncan Rose

Read More


The History of The Acacias (now Loreto Convent School) and Sir Edwin Smith (held in the old building)

Presented by Mr Peter Moore

Read More


Olive Growing and Olive Oil Making in Burnside

Presented by Mr David Cleland and Mrs Jean Jeffries

Read More


Burnside Slides Quiz

Presented by Mr Richard House and Mrs Meredith Ide (BHS members)

Read More


Carnival Glass

Presented by Mr Garry Workman

Read More


The History of Second Valley

Presented by Mr Ron Blum

Read More


History of The Country Fire Service in Burnside

Presented by Mr John Lea

Read More


Glenside Hospital – a tour followed by a talk on the history, conducted by members of The Glenside Hospital Historical Society

Read More


Jubilee 150 Meeting. Readings from the English newspaper The Times, edition dated 28.12.1836. Video excerpts from the play ‘Colonel Light, The Founder’ as performed earlier in the year. by The Burnside Players

Read More


Ceramics in Burnside

Presented by Mr Norris Ioannou

Read More


Old Historical Films of South Australia

Presented by shown by Mr Vic Reeves

Read More


Milestones and Mileposts of the Mount Barker Road

Presented by Mr Edgar Preece

Read More


The History of the Greenham Family of Magill

Presented by Mr George Greenham

Read More


Aborigines of the Adelaide Plains

Presented by Mr Graham Jenkin

Read More


The Origin of Street Names in Burnside

Presented by A review of the BHS Jubilee 150 Project

Read More


Reminiscences of an Adelaide Tram Conductor

Presented by Mr Henry Gelson

Read More


The History of Glen Osmond Mines

Presented by Mr Greg Drew

Read More


My Pioneer Ancestors. Talks given by BHS members with known ancestry back to given dates in South Australia. 1836 – Mrs Edna Bayfield 1836 – Mrs Jean Turner 1837 – Miss Elsie Ahrens 1837 – Mrs Betty Cross 1837 – Mr Ken Preiss 1838 – Mr Moxon Simpson 183

Read More


Eastwood walking tour

Presented by conducted by Mrs Debbie Southwood

Read More


Speaking of the Past

Presented by Mrs Elizabeth Warburton

Read More


An Interim Report on the Progress of The Burnside Heritage Study

Presented by Mr John Dallwitz

Read More


Some Experiences in Radio

Presented by Mr Bob Caldicott

Read More


Historic Embroidery, and methods of Restoration

Presented by Mrs Maureen Holbrook

Read More


The History of Prince Alfred College

Presented by Mr Ron Gibbs

Read More


The History of Knightsbridge Baptist Church by Rev John Helm; The History of Burnside Christian Church by Mrs B. Siviour

Read More


The History of Kapunda

Presented by Mr Rob Roy Charlton

Read More


Learning History through Family History

Presented by Miss Elsie Ahrens

Read More


The Explorations of John McDowall Stuart by Mr Alf Lucas; The Role played on that Journey by J.P. Auld by Mrs Patricia Rennick (later BHS member)

Read More


Beaumont House, a visit and tour followed by a talk

Presented by Mrs Elizabeth Simpson

Read More


Burnside Reminiscences

Presented by Mr Eric Warland

Read More


Plans for the Jubilee 150 of South Australia in 1986

Presented by Mr John Mitchell

Read More


Members Evening

Presented by showing and talking about personal items

Read More


Plaques in The Burnside Council area

Presented by Mr Brian Ward

Read More


South Australians in London

Presented by Mr Keith Borrow

Read More


The History of Seymour College by Mrs Peg Collet (later BHS member); The History of St Peter’s Collegiate School, by Mrs Jean Jeffries

Read More


The History of the Prescott Family of Rose Park

Presented by Mrs Audrey Maschmedt

Read More


The Constitutional Museum

Presented by a visit and tour

Read More


The History of Cooper’s Brewery – readings of early Cooper family letters

Presented by Mr William Cooper

Read More


The History of the Suburb of St Peters

Presented by Mrs Elizabeth Warburton

Read More


The Role of The National Trust in suburban Areas such as Burnside

Presented by Mr Brian Hodson (Director of The National Trust), and Mr Peter Donnovan (Chairman of The National Trust Early Buildings Committee)

Read More


A History of Rose Park

Presented by Mr Leo Brennan

Read More


A Burnside Quiz

Presented by conducted by Mrs Elizabeth Warburton

Read More


The Performing Arts Collection of South Australia, a visit to see the collection

Read More


One Continuous Picnic – some experiences of a restaurateur

Presented by Mr Michael Symons

Read More


Burnside Heritage – a panel presentation, consisting of:- The Architectural Heritage of Burnside, by Mr Christopher Loan The Natural Heritage of Burnside, by Dr Andrew Black The Council’s views on Burnside Heritage, by Mr Devon Blatt (Mayor of Burnside)

Read More


Eastwood Reminiscences

Presented by Mr Wes Viney

Read More


Glenside Hospital – a tour followed by a talk on the history

Presented by conducted by members of The Glenside Hospital Historical Society

Read More


Australian Landscape Painting

Presented by a special conducted tour around The Art Gallery of South Australia

Read More


Sophie Wege – A German Immigrant Girl of the 1840s

Presented by Mrs Elizabeth Kwan

Read More


Music through the Ages

Presented by a musical presentation given by The Canzona Consort

Read More


Collecting Antiques in Australia

Presented by Miss Bonnear

Read More


The Mines in Burnside

Presented by Mr Royce Wells

Read More


Magic Lantern Extravaganza

Presented by Dr Garry Scroop

Read More


Members Evening: showing and talking about personal items

Read More


Australian Silver

Presented by Miss Shirley Cameron Wilson

Read More


Woodley, Marion, and Red Herrings of the Wine Industry

Presented by Dr Geoffrey Bishop

Read More


Read More


The Cleland Family History

Presented by presented by several members of the Cleland family

Read More


The History of The Burnside Memorial Hospital

Presented by Mr A. Cousin

Read More


Edith Agnes Hubbe – Pioneer Educationalist and Principal of Knightsbridge School

Presented by Mrs Mary Hutchison

Read More


Industrial Architecture

Presented by Mr Dennis Cummins

Read More


Angels of War

Presented by a film showing

Read More


Colonial Architecture

Presented by Mr Dean Berry

Read More


Brothers by Chance – Edward Fortnum and Charles Stuart

Presented by Mrs Elizabeth Warburton

Read More


Historical Costumes

Presented by Mrs Judith Thompson

Read More


The History of Kurralta by Mr David Dixon; The Wyatt Trust by by Mr Bob Ringwood BHS member

Read More


Members Evening: Showing personal items and talking of personal history

Read More


Visual Dimensions of Colonial History

Presented by Dr John Tregenza

Read More


Extracts from the Diaries and Recollections of Caroline Clark of Hazelwood Park

Presented by Read by Mrs Anne Sandow and Mr John Clark

Read More


Voices from the Past

Presented by Mrs Elizabeth Warburton

Read More



Presented by Mr Andrew Peake

Read More


A visit to Dr Penfold’s Cottage, followed by a talk on the history of Penfold’s Winery

Presented by Mr Vance Palmer

Read More


The Uses of Oral History

Presented by Mrs Claudia Quinn-Young

Read More


Old historical films of South Australia

Presented by Mr Vic Reeves

Read More


Reminiscences of Norton Summit and Home Park

Presented by Mr and Mrs George Greenham

Read More


Early Flora of the Adelaide Plains

Presented by Mr Ken Preiss

Read More


The death of Constable William Hyde, and the role played in South Australia by Commissioner Tolmer

Presented by Sergeant Malcolm Schluter

Read More


Convening Meeting of The Burnside Historical Society. Chaired by Mrs Coralie Soward; The Burnside Council’s plans for its 125th Anniversary by Councillor William Cooper; Possible activities of The Burnside Historical Society by Mrs Coralie Soward

Read More


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T: tape

d: disc

doc: pdf document

*: on location

Disc and Tape recordings available in the Local History Room