Historic Magill Wesleyan Cemetery

Historic Magill Wesleyan Cemetery

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A walk through this heritage-listed Historic Magill Wesleyan Cemetery illustrates over 150 years of life in Magill: its industries, its people and their occupations.

The Kaurna people, the Traditional Owners of the Adelaide Plains, were the first to live in this area and have cared for the land for thousands of years.

When the village of Makgill (now known as the suburb of Magill) was subdivided in 1838, Alexander Cock set aside part of his land for a chapel and cemetery. The chapel, however, was never built. It is thought that a chapel was considered unnecessary because the Wesleyan Chapel had been built in 1855 nearby on Chapel Street.

In 1878 the Cock family donated the site to the Magill Wesleyan Chapel, which established a group of Trustees to manage the land. In March 1974, the land was transferred to the City of Burnside.