Burnside Street Names and their Origins

As a contribution to the State’s Jubilee Celebrations in 1986, 23 members of the Burnside Historical Society researched the origins and meanings of the six hundred street names in the Burnside Council area. This major task was completed in 1989.

Unfortunately the origin of a number of streets eluded the researchers and had to be listed as ‘unknown’, while many other streets had to be listed as ‘probably named after’ or ‘possibly named after’ due to a lack of firm information.

Since 1989, more information has become available to fill in some of these omissions, and a number of new streets have also been added as a result of subdivisions or Council boundary re-alignments. In addition, previously unnamed back lanes and pathways within the Council area have now been named.

As a result, in 1997 the Burnside Historical Society updated the existing information.

Please get in touch with us to advise the Society of any significant omissions, corrections and additional information in Burnside Street Names and their Origins. Please include verified evidence.

Third Edition, 2015

We thank Burnside Council for any assistance given with this edition of Street Names and their Origins. However the tireless efforts of long-term Burnside Historical Society member Richard House must be acknowledged as he compiles yet another edition. There is a formal process to be followed by the Council before a street name is finally adopted. The name is then recorded in the Public Notices once it has gone through the relevant process, having been scrutinsed by the Geographical Names Board, State Government and the local Council.

Some Burnside Historical Society members, including those on the committee, have been proactive in informing Richard of the origins of street names, some new. The Society was asked by the Council for an appropriate name for the newly created street off Waterfall Gully Road. The name Marks was submitted as a reminder of the Marks violet farm nearby.

Notwithstanding, Delbridge Court was selected, named after a WW1 soldier who had lived in Rose Park. Committee member Ally Preiss who lives adjacent to the Glenside Hospital site, heard of some proposed names for additional streets as that site was to be redeveloped.. Those new names, such as Cramond Drive, Harriet Lucy Drive, Karrayerta Drive and Mulberry Road were selected as relevant to the history of that hospital – people and activities, part of its long history.

It is essential that names of people and places are examined and considered when decisions are made, so that street names reflect as much as possible what has gone before. Long-time Burnside Historical Society members of the Cooper family would appreciate the naming of Cooper’s Avenue Leabrook in the subdivision where Cooper’s Brewery once towered over the landscape. If you read or hear of verified information of any of the listed unknown streets, please contact the society so that another piece of the jigsaw can be disclosed to the public.

Please get in touch with us to advise the Society of any significant omissions, corrections and additional information in Burnside Street Names and their Origins. Please include verified evidence.

Meredith Ide, JP
President, Burnside Historical Society
June 2015

Street Name Directory

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All streets are listed in alphabetical order – simply click on the first letter of the street.

The document can also be viewed in the Local History Room.

Where the name appears in more than one suburb it is recorded as a separate entry for each suburb. Cross references are also given to other streets for obtaining more historical information.

If you have any further information about any streets in Burnside, please contact us.

Additional Street Name Appendices

Over the years many streets have changed their names. This Appendix serves as an index so that researchers who only know the original name of a street can easily find the current name.
View Appendix 1 – Old and new Road Names.

This is a list of 190 streets within Burnside for which the origin is listed as ‘unknown’. Of these, 154 have a possible origin described, but better supporting evidence is still needed. Despite best efforts, Researchers have been unable to find any information relating to the origins of the remaining 36 streets.

View Appendix 2 – Roads with Unknown Origins.


View the full Bibliography.

The Burnside Historical Society particularly acknowledges the work of Elizabeth Warburton, whose book The Paddocks Beneath has been the primary source of information.

The City of Burnside wishes to thank the following members of the Burnside Historical Society for the efforts in compiling this historical database:
Elsie Ahrens, Roger Angove, Edna Bayfield, Margaret Black, Wendy Bromell, Gladys Byfield, Janet Clark, John Clark, Ronda Collins, Jim Crompton, Alan Cross, Anne Harrington, Rob Harrington, Jean Hartshorne, Rex Hosking, Diana Hulse, Margaret Preiss, Carmel Rasby, Margaret Rohde, Tom Richards, Olive Sirl, Irma Steele, Angela Steinberner. Special thanks must also go to John Clark, Geoffrey Bishop, Richard House and Barbara Parker.